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subaru electric problem....... direction anyone

OK, I baught a 93 loyal wagon 4 wheel drive 6 weeks ago and it ran great 2 weeks followning I went to pick it up and it would not start I replaced battery and it still would not start I found a blown fuse typ of thing mounted on the engine I twisted the wires back together and it started right up later replacing the fuse with a new one 3 weeks ago my tail lights would not go on. I replaced the fuse. I checked the bulbs. The fuses continue to blow and the bulbs are fine I can replace the fuse with the lights off and the fuse lasts a little longer. but after a short while with the light on it will blow last night. The car is off. I opened the trunk with my key put groceries in the trunk and shut it The radio turns on I unlock the drivers door and the radio shuts off. I get into the car and shut the door The locks start operating speradicly on there own, meaning the trunk and all 4 door locks were locking and unlocking on there own like crazy. I turn on the car, they contue to act crazy. I operated the lights and windsheild wippers and all the other electrics I could think of (as you might do with an old beatle) nothing worked. I turned off the car. They continue to operate by themselfs. I turn on the car and the locks continue and the dome light joins in with the locks. I was driving for about 4 min and began to smell burning... like power lock motors burning out. 2 min later I pulled into my driveway and befor I shut the car off the light stopped and the locks stopped. The light still works but the power locks don't The lock fuse was blown so I replaced it and they still don't work........ I have no Idea... I would love to fix the problem if sombody could give me some direction on where to start my search for the faulty wiring problem...........Justin



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